The Team

Ian Ally-Seals
Editor-in-Chief, co-Creator of Doctor Atlantis and Shadow Tracers

team_ianIan Ally-Seals moved to Hartford in 1992 when he was thirteen years old. He has had a beard since that time. Ian started working in comics two years later when he had a series of strips published in The Hartford Courant’s Metro Bridge section. It was here that he met two artists who he still works with to this day: David Robles. Besides work in comics Ian has also has been employed as a writer, producer and editor for Nickelodeon. He currently teaches a Multimedia class at Thomas Edison Middle School in Meriden, Connecticut. His curriculum includes, among other things, comic book drawing and production.

David Robles
Art Director and co-Creator of Shadow Tracers

team_daveThough he’s been drawing since an early age, it was during his years at Hartford High School that David Robles started working with comics. His illustration talents were immediately recognized by artists at Optic Comics, a local publishing company. Through Optic and The Hartford Courant’s Metro Bridge section, Robles was a published artist before he graduated high school. Besides penciling the debut comic book series Shadow Tracers, David is working on a nursing degree at Goodwin College. He also moonlights as the successful D.J. known as “Dirty D”. Hopefully when word gets out that he’s a comic book geek the ladies at the club won’t go running out the door!

Carl Mefferd
Creator of Joy Riders, Falling Awake and co-Creator of Doctor Atlantis 

Carl has been drawing as long as he can remember. He only started reading good comics in high school, realized he wanted to make them in undergrad, and finally got serious about it at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. During this time he started collaborating on “Doctor Atlantis” with Ian, and later began the REC webcomic “JoyRiders.” After graduating from the Center in 2011, he’s remained in White River Junction and has been cranking out comics to this day.

Jeff Tingley
Creator of Doberman, Heretic Hex and co-Creator of Prose & Cons

team_jeff Jeff Tingley drew his first original piece of sequential art at the age of four that was immediatly posted on the fridge in his kitchen. He quickly moved on to drawing directly on said refridgerator and not waiting for a third party to post his art. During this time and for the next fourteen years jefftingley lived in a two hundred year old farm house, complete with secret room, uneven floors, dubious history, dirt cellar and ghosts. He, in that time, had gained a skill in telling stories, often about his two brothers and sister, and mostly to get him out of trouble. A number of years after moving out of the haunted house and away from siblings that could shift some blame off him, jefftingley had a dream in which he was famous and gaining praise for his work in the comicbook field. The book for which he was famous is the one posted on this website.

EB Savage
Social Media Director and co-Creator of Prose & Cons

team_ebEB currently lives in Massachusetts with her cat Luci. Prose & Cons is her first experience writing in the comic medium. She is a published poetry author and has written and ran many well received theater style larps independently and at conventions such as Festival of the Larps, Arisia, Intercon and Bridgewater Larp Day. She is a shameless Kingdom of Loathing addict, role player, and veracious reader. She even makes a list of all the books she reads. She also enjoys drinking herbal tea and eating cupcakes. She can be bribed with cupcakes… no seriously… bring her cupcakes.