Graphic Novels

Doctor Atlantis Volume 1
Price: $9.99

Follow the adventures of Dr. Julius Fowler
as he takes his steam-powered ship the Atlantis
out into the endless sea to explore the unknown!


Doctor Atlantis  Volume 2
Price: $9.99

The adventure continues as Dr. Fowler and
Chosot battle strange new creatures and
encounter enemies for their past.


Doctor Atlantis Volume 3
Price: $9.99

Dr. Fowler and Chosot encounter a
new ally, and a new hidden civilization
on the edge of the world.


Doctor Atlantis Volume 4
Price: $9.99

The crew of the Atlantis are caught in the
middle of a civil war, while trying to get their
ship back and escape.


Doctor Atlantis Volume 5
Price: $9.99

A long forgotten foe returns, seeking to
conquer Britain, and take his revenge against
Dr. Fowler and his companions.


Falling Awake
Price: $14.99

A sullen teenager from a logging town nestled
in the Pacific Northwest spends each night
dreaming of a bizarre land…


Shadow Tracers

Issues 1-3 Price: $8.00

While working on a school project, Four teenagers
from Hartford onto a web of deception spun by
a criminal syndicate.


Art Prints (11×17)

Price: $12.00

What home is complete without an old God?

Drawn by Jeff Tingley and Colored by Spencer Pitt


Doctor Atlantis
Price: $12.00

Just another day with a caldron of boiling oil for Dr. Fowler and crew.

Drawn by Carl Mefferd, Colored by Tim Durning


Price: $12.00

Doberman has no intention of messing around. None at all.

Drawn by Jeff Tingley, Colored by Spencer Pitt


Prose & CONS – Game of Thrones
Price: $12.00

Octopus fought long and hard to sit on the Iron Throne.

Drawn by Jeff Tingley and Colored by Spencer Pitt


Prose & CONS – Jada and Octopus
Price: $12.00

How could you not love the adorable Jada & Octopus? Squee!!

Illustrated by Jennifer Harris