Graphic Novels

Punk-Rock High Fantasy!

Coming to Kickstarter soon!


Every night they dream of each other’s lives…

An original graphic novel written and drawn by Carl Mefferd! The story begins in a logging town nestled in the Pacific Northwest, where a sullen teenager spends each night dreaming of a bizarre land…

Falling Awake just passed its kickstarter with flying colors and is coming soon!


Adventure on the High Seas!

Follow the steampunk adventures of Dr. Julius Fowler! Where the world is actually flat, the oceans are endless and he discovers strange new lands while doing battle with monstrous creatures in his exploration of the sea.


Teens uncover a Web of Deception!

Bringing the focus closer to home, the creators tell the story of four teenagers from Hartford whose lives are turned upside down. While working on a school history project, the characters stumble into a web of deception spun by a criminal syndicate.

It will take all of their wits and courage to get out in once piece. . . and when they do there’s still homework to finish!